Retailtainment is one of the hottest trend topics of global discussion among retail top players. Following trends and philosophy of Millennials and Z-generation, leading retail groups have been implementing the new mood combining shopping and leisure: that’s retailtainment, the new border of shopping experience! Thanks to our 25-years’ experience in the design and development of ambient for leisure, based on emotional atmospheres, we are the best partners for the launch of innovative experiential concepts likely to be transformed in successful franchise networks


If you are looking for projects combining innovation, green vision and passion for people’s wellbeing, here you can find the perfect mood board for your business! Our services range from theme parks and waterparks to entertainment centers scalable on different sizes, areas, and contents, both developable indoor and outdoor depending on needs and aims, up to eco-resorts modules combining Italian design, sustainability and our passion for excellence and innovation


Thanks to our greatest expertise in exhibition design for different typologies of customers, subjects and locations, we are always able to offer totally customized design, mixing high-professional interior design, attention to atmospheres and innovative technologies for multimedia, including interactive contents, VR solutions, augmented reality and entertainment attractions, to design museum institutions in the new era of dissemination of culture


The combination of educational issues, green vision with entertainment contents, linked to immersive ambiences, is one of the most distinctive features of our work. Thanks to our team, composed by professionals with different expertise, we are able to offer a complete 360° consultancy service for the development of any typology of project. We are not simply professionals in entertainment: we combine our passion and expertise in entertainment with a long-term experience in interior and exhibition design, graphic design, consultancy legal services, for international projects, to guarantee the best and all-comprehensive service for institutions