Nature is an essential part of our lives, we usually associate nature to positive meanings and feelings in life. Nature always is always around us and surprises us, with fascinating phenomena, with extreme environments and incredible Guinness numbers. But nature with its dual character can also become a significant threat for humans, bringing high potential destruction and even death. The power of Nature is an absolutely innovative concept of a Mini Science Center, based on an original mix that combines multimedia and virtual attractions with scientific experiments and tests. Kids and teens will have the opportunity to make an amazing path around nature in all its grandiosity, everyone can come an experience this it doesn’t matter if you are alone, in school groups or with the family. Power of Nature is aimed at raising awareness and consciousness of both sides of nature’s power and the dangers of climate change and global warming to educate the future generations for the preservation of Planet Earth

Registered format | Sqm: 800 – 2.000 | Year: 2019 | Project partner: Project Syntropy GmbH