Speaking about Marylin Monroe is like narrating the like of a legend: She is still considered one of the most iconic personalities of the 20th Century. The exposition. Held in Florence and Prague, represented a tribute to a woman who challenged traditions, introduced sensuality and expressed a new essence of femininity. She embodied the ideal of classical beauty and this image is reflected on the portraits taken by the most famous photographers: Marylin Monroe like a Venus but, at the same time, pop-icon who inspired the visionary artist Andy Warhol and left her mark on the history of lifestyle

Client: Salvatore Ferragamo Museum | Place: Florence, Italy | Sqm: 750 | Year: 2012
Client: Prinz Prager Gallery with Salvatore Ferragamo Museum | Place: Prague, Czech Republic | Sqm: 1.200 | Year: 2013